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Dance Theatre Performance


“A complex maze of motion. Is the world a deliberately created labyrinth or perhaps only chaos for which there is no plan?”

Choreographers Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia

Author of Video Goran Balaban

Composer Diaphane

Dancers Nastja Bremec Rynia, John O’Gara, Riccardo Pastore, Michal Rynia, Tamás Tuza
Light Designer Samo Oblokar

Sound Designer and Video Operator: Matej Čelik
Face Mask Designer Gorazd Prinčič

Photographers Urška Boljkovac,
Simon Monfardini (cover photo)

Production Umetniško društvo M&N DC, Zavod MN Produkcija
Premiere 6 October 2018 on the main stage of SNG Nova Gorica

The performance deals with the symbol of the labyrinth known from Greek mythology. Labyrinth as a life full of obstacles and decisions. We can say that the Minotaurs in the labyrinth do not exist; but everyday monsters that we have to cope with and with whom we have to fight surely do: doubts, fears, worries, regrets and uncertainties. We learn to fight them with our most powerful weapons: intelligence, memory, will, heart. Every time we think we found the exit we bump into new obstacles. Trapped between frightening walls with no way out.

Performance in collaboration with SNG Nova Gorica and founded by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.

Who are the performers?



Riccardo Pastore
Riccardo Pastore

Goran Balaban
Goran Balaban

Nastja Bremec Rynia
Nastja Bremec Rynia

John O’Gara
John O’Gara

Michal Rynia
Michal Rynia

Tamás Tuza
Tamás Tuza


“Life is like a labyrinth, you can not lose it, but you can feel even lost.”

About this is the dance performance Labirint, which saw the light of the world on October 6, 2018. Set on the stage of SNG Nova Gorica.
She was fascinated by me, she was astounded.

Symphony, Poetry. Gib dancers, body games, non-verbal body language. Charm and astonishment.

The labyrinth is not something you lose yourself, the maze is where you find it. When you go through all the obstacles, prejudices, patterns, knowledge … the maze is actually a life that is full of … obstacles and prejudices, boundaries and fences, enclosures and infinities. What you choose from it depends on you and the circumstances in which you find yourself.

The dance performance Labyrinth deserves the mark fantastic. A fantastic story that shows that the choreographer saw in the Labyrinth a life that they found love that helped them find the way out of the vicious castle, full of rooms, walls, corridors, yet: the exit is always the exit, the exit from themes, exit from captivity to karmic patterns.

A fantastic video projection that offers interesting braided fences, curtains, which can be expanded. Fantastic movement, dancing of bodies, synchronization of movements, which gives a sense of capture, but it also gives hope to the exit. A spiral that ends in a black hole, which is getting bigger, but eventually disappears.

Fantastic music, which is a balsam for the ears, for the soul, for the heart. A heart that is the driving force of life in the Labyrinth, which seeks LOVE.


And yes, love finds its way out; it is love that is the one that illuminates the darkness, the pathlessness that finds the path from captivity to nonsense.

The symbolism of the movements of dancers is so much that everything strikes. She just needs to see her. And I recognized her myself. From the chains of human bodies, from the rotation in the circle, from the walking to the pointless to pointless rotation in a circle. The movements of the dancers are so complete that I was surprised at the perfection of these, and I have never been breathless enough to stop it. Completeness of movement, symbolism !!!

The last action of the Labyrinth offers a fantastic fantastic game of two lovers who find the way out of all obstacles, obstacles in life, the path from the labyrinth of life. Soft movements like gently stroking the keys on the keyboard that actually sounds in the background. An endless kiss. As saliva, Ariadne’s thread claws will be wiped out, which will take the chosen lives out of the labyrinth of capture. To his chosen choir.

He killed Minotaur, he was killed by a man who so loves to find a way out. She was killed by a woman who offered help to her choice. He was killed by INJECTION. A Minotaur, a man with a bull’s head who burns everything that throws him, the young men and the young men who are sacrificed to him.

Maze, dance performance is a hymn to life. And that’s why this is an endless story about life and death, which is so symbolically expressed in this fantastic dance performance.

Bravo creators of the show, you gave a nice gift to Nastya, who just celebrated her birthday on the day of the premiere. Thank you.

Life won, won LOVE.

Nova Gorica 10/7/2018 / Zarja Trkman



Official photo promotional material from Labyrinth

Photos by Urska Boljkovac

Photo: Urska Boljkovac 



Who supported it?


MN Dance Company is thankful for all the support received for this project.

Special thanks to Goran Balaban for beatifull video procjection. Big thank you to Regis – Diaphane for making inspiring music and to Samo Oblokar for lighting us. Thank you to all off the institutions linked below that in any way supported us. Project was supported by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.