Press conference Perpetuum Mobile

Press conference - PERPETUUM MOBILE - Choreographers, authors of the visual image and music selection Nastja Bremec Rynia and Michal Rynia and dramaturg Ana Kržišnik Blažica presented in more detail the premiere of the new dance performance, which is being created in co-production with MN Dance Company, SNG Nova Gorica and Cankarjev dom Ljubljana.

The starting point of the Perpetuum mobile is a time machine, to which even Leonardo da Vinci returned throughout his life and tried to invent it. At the press conference, lighting designer Matjaž Bajc and some of the 12 dancers selected at the June audition, who come from Slovenia and abroad, also spoke about the creative process and challenges of this production. Director Mirjam Drnovšček welcomed those present, who is looking forward to working with MN Dance Company and with whom she wants to continue creating in the future.



Photos from the press conference.

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Photos taken by Aljoša Kravanja on the first stage rehersal

Perpetuum mobile, gledališki listipg.jpgPN 265-15.CMYK, naslovnicajpg.jpgPN 265-18.CMYK, SNG NG, Pjpherpetuum mobile.jpg

Press about upcoming premiere.

Radio Robin on the press conference https://www.robin.si/kultura/na-oder-novogoriskega-sng-prihaja-plesna-predstava-perpetuum-mobile