Evening of dance films on the border

Evening of dance films on the border. 
Premiere of two short dance films produced by MN Dance Company and a screening of the audience's favourites of the San Francisco Dance Film Festival.

We are thrilled to announce an enchanting evening of dance films that will transport you to a realm of artistic fusion and captivating storytelling. MN Dance Company is proud to present this unique event, where we will premiere two short dance films and screen audience favorites from the renowned San Francisco Dance Film Festival. Recorded by our esteemed video director and artist, Fabris Šulin, these films bear the imprint of his visionary talent. Fabris has worked closely with our artistic director and choreographer, Michal Rynia, to create an immersive experience that combines dance and visual artistry in the most mesmerizing way.

These two short films represent the culmination of tireless dedication, collaborative efforts, and artistic exploration. Michal and Nastja's deep understanding of the intersection between dance and film, coupled with Fabris Šulin's exceptional videography, have resulted in visual masterpieces that will leave a lasting impact on every viewer. Additionally, we are honored to present a selection of audience favorites from the esteemed San Francisco Dance Film Festival. These films have been curated to provide a diverse array of styles, themes, and choreographic expressions, serving as a celebration of the global dance film community. The Evening of Dance Films on the Border will not only captivate you with its artistry but also invite you to experience the profound beauty of movement through the lens of a camera.