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Standing ovations for the premiere of Perpetuum Mobile

"A dance performance that won't leave you indifferent..." You can read the first impressions from the performance. Watch the reportage from the Slovenian National TV and listen to radio interview at ARS RTV SLO.


Press conference Perpetuum Mobile

Choreographers, authors of the visual image and music selection Nastja Bremec Rynia and Michal Rynia and dramaturg Ana Kržišnik Blažica presented in more detail the premiere of the new dance performance.


Perpetuum Mobile

Latest performance

A perpetuum mobile, a hypothetical machine that moves endlessly without energy supply, is a miracle and clearly expresses the striving of a human to researching the new, even the impossible. The production is dedicated to the 570th anniversary of the visionary, artist, architect and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who attempted to create a perpetuum mobile himself, but soon denied that it could be built. Although his genius placed him far ahead of his time, he was not able to create endless motion, but he nevertheless remained an assiduous searcher of the new and the excellent. Our international cast of dancers also researches the perpetuity of the movement and the infini- ty of new discoveries that were so dear to master da Vinci.


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"Our main goal is the dance development of our students - technical perfection, preparation of physical condition, stretching, coordination, encouraging their own creativity and everything they need for a further dance career and a healthy lifestyle."