3. jul 2024
Layers - screening on Dance Camera North Festival
Minnesota, USA
26. jul 2024
Layers - screening on Manifest Dance Film Festival
Pondicherry, India
8. aug 2024
Flights - on the Olympic Games
Paris, France


Latest performance

‚ÄčInspired by the Nobel Prize-winning novel Flights by Olga Tokarczuk, this performance explores themes of travel, human anatomy, and the yearning for exploration. Through interconnected stories and meditations, it delves into the essence of movement, fleeting encounters, and profound connections between people and places. The narrative also reflects on travel as a metaphor for the human condition and philosophical reflections on the human body as a vessel for experience and self-discovery.



Internship possibilities

Immerse yourself in the creative world of contemporary dance with an internship opportunity at MN Dance Company! Gain valuable experience by working closely with our talented team, mastering our unique dance vocabulary, and expanding your knowledge of the dance world. Develop both physically and technically while building a strong foundation for your future career. If you're passionate about artistic growth, reach out to us today to start your transformative journey with MN Dance Company!

MN Summer Intensive Program 

Experience a transformative 10-day intensive dance program with MN Dance Company! Join us for a unique opportunity to train with our talented choreographers and dancers while deepening your dance development and knowledge. Dive into floor work, partnering, technical classes, improvisation, and our company's repertoire, and be a part of the creative process leading up to a special performance. Don't miss this chance to gain over 50 hours of professional training - sign up now and take your dance journey to the next level!

Internship possibility