MN Dance Company


MN DANCE COMPANY is a dynamic ensemble of 13 dancers from Nova Gorica (Slovenia // EU), dedicated to creating compelling contemporary dance performances with powerful storytelling and cutting-edge dance vocabulary. Our choreographic repertoire delves into the depths of the human body and psyche, characterized by a bold, expressive dance vocabulary accentuated by dynamic partnering and theatrical flair.

Through our collaborative efforts, we have pioneered a unique dance language that resonates with audiences across diverse platforms. Each year, we host auditions attracting over 1000 dancers from across the globe, ensuring our ensemble remains vibrant. With our internship opportunities, we provide aspiring dancers a platform to grow alongside seasoned professionals.

MN Dance Company is proud to be part of a project called Borderless Body, a highlight project of the European Capital of Culture GO! 2025. Committed to innovation and research, MN Dance Company crafts performances that reflect the complexities of modern society, celebrating diversity and fearlessly pushing the boundaries of artistic narrative.

Move forward with us!

The company, led by artistic directors Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia, was founded at the end of 2008. Choreographers Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia, both graduates of CODARTS – Rotterdam Dance Academy, are creating their own recognizable dance style and body language. Their training methods are based on new ways of body movement and expression. Influenced by their backgrounds they create pure, powerful and expressive dance.“We express ourselves through dance.

"We feel a need to create and to tell an abstract story through movement. Inspired by a daily life situation and our intuition we express the beauty and chaos of the world we are living in and the world that we imagine.” (MN)