After last year's summer dance school is back. Come, dance, and enjoy the intensive dance training with MN Dance Company.  

When: 1st till 7th of July 2021

Where: MN Dance Studio (Delpinova ulica 18 b, 5000 Nova Gorica)

Deadline for application: 15th of June 2021

Group A - dance students from 14 years old and above with intermediate and advance knowledge


10.00 - 11.00 - Warm-up (Yoga and strength exercises for dancers)

11.10 - 12.10 - Ballet class

12.10 - 13.30 - Lunch break

13.30 - 14.30 - Contemporary fusion

14.40 - 15.40 - Hip-Hop

Group B - dance students from 7 to 13 years old


16.15 - 17.00 - Warm-up

17.10 - 18.00 - Contemporary

18.10 - 19.00 - Hip - Hop 




MN educational dance program offers professional dance knowledge, experience and offers everyone the opportunity to learn about different types of dance arts.

“Some of our dancers, dance and perform in the professional procjects by MN Dance Company"

MN dance program is also intended for all those for whom dancing is a relaxation, socializing or a way of physical exercise.

“We create two full-length performances every year with all the participating dancers. Thus, our students have the opportunity to perform on the stages of public art institutions, under the spotlight, in front of a large audience. We often intertwine other artistic genres, such as music, film and theater, in our dance performances. All this enriches our students with unforgettable experiences. ”

MN Dance School also participates in various international dance competitions, where they achieve the highest results. They carry the titles of several European Champions as well as National Champions in various categorys in hip hop and contemporary dance.


Noemi Capuano

Luka Vodopivec

Nastja Bremec Rynia

Tjaša Bucik

Michal Rynia

Dance with us

MN Dance Studio is located in the heart of Nova Gorica city.

"Our main goal is the dance development of our students - technical perfection, preparation of physical condition, stretching, coordination, encouraging their own creativity and everything they need for a further dance career and a healthy lifestyle."