Performance deals with the symbol of the labyrinth known from Greek mythology. Labyrinth as a life full of obstacles and decisions. We can say that the Minotaurs in the labyrinth do not exist; but everyday monsters that we have to cope with and with whom we have to fight surely do: doubts, fears, worries, regrets and uncertainties. We learn to fight them with our most powerful weapons: intelligence, memory, will, heart. Every time we think we found the exit we bump into new obstacles. Trapped between frightening walls with no way out.

Performance in collaboration with SNG Nova Gorica and founded by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia

Artistic team


Goran Balaban

John O'Gara

Tamás Tuza

Nastja Bremec Rynia

Michal Rynia

Riccardo Pastore


Choreographers: Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia
Author of Video: Goran Balaban
Composer: Diaphane
Dancers: Nastja Bremec Rynia, John O’Gara, Riccardo Pastore, Michal Rynia, Tamás Tuza
Light Designer: Samo Oblokar
Sound Designer and Video Operator: Matej Čelik
Mask Designer: Gorazd Prinčič
Photographers: Urška Boljkovac, Simon Monfardini (cover photo)

Production: Umetniško društvo M&N DC, Zavod MN Produkcija
Premiere: 6 October 2018 on the main stage of SNG Nova Gorica


The abstract movement repertoire,

which is very characteristic for Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia in its individually soft flow, results in a multitude of unusually beautiful pictures in harmony with their company, which on the one hand stimulate the imagination and on the other hand leave any kind of freedom of interpretation. 

Searching, struggling, the always uncertain, successful or unsuccessful use of mind and imagination, forms a poetic bowl that the dancers fill and enrich with their movements subtly and precisely: edges and corners flash frighteningly, surprisingly harmonious.

Eveline Koberg / tanz.at / Graz International Storytelling Festival / 10.06.2019


Author: Urška Boljkovac



A complex maze of motion. Is the world a deliberately created labyrinth or perhaps only chaos for which there is no plan?