The Myth

The artists found the starting point for their project in the ancient Greek myth about Orpheus and Eurydice and transferred it into the contemporary and chaotic world.

Myth is a choreographic duet inspired by the ancient greek story of Eurydice and Orpheus.The performance does not illustrate the story but exposes the myth - is the man the head and the woman a heart? To promise each other endless love is like to get "chained". We are living in a chain of being dependent from others. Complicated variations of movement without loosing contact create the illusion of two bodies that move as one. Are they still able to move together without losing contact - when the tempo of life is increasing and everything is getting more complicated? Does the promise of endless love make us weak and vulnerable? After the dissapearing of Eurydice,Orpheus lost his had completely. He was desperate when she vanished. When he found her, he could not keep his head together and looked back. Myth is an abstract but symbolistic performance that researches the answers for the questions like: Are we really born free or are we living in a chain of being? What is the underworld? Maybe the underworld is the freedom because we are not chained to anybody?


Artistic team

Nastja Bremec Rynia

Michal Rynia


Production: MN Dance Company, De Gouvernestraat Rotterdam
Co-production: Cankarjev dom Ljubljana and De Gouvernestraat Rotterdam
Dutch Premiere: 24th November 2011 De Gouvernestraat Rotterdam
Slovenian Premiere: 12th January 2012 Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

Choreography and dance: Michal Rynia in Nastja Bremec
Dramaturgy: Dave Schwab
Music: Silence (Boris Benko in Primož Hladnik), Zoe Keating, 
Light design: Dennis Vooren
Costumography: Bojana Koncut
Scenography: Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec, Staško Marinič
Photography: Wiktor Bernatowicz
Graphic design: Arjana Rogelja
PR: Arpa Tilimian
Lenght: 55 minuts

Media responses







The couple who narratives dance

The staging of the palette of emotions that reach into different spheres of a love relationship by the excellent dancers and choreographers Nastja Bremec and Michal Rynia was impressive and mature. The present performance is likewise marked by creativity, original dance interpretations and flawless technique.

The movement of the two co-authors and performers is enhanced by the expressiveness of the music by the duo Silence. The original fusion of modern dance, classical ballet and hip-hop effectively portrays female and male emotions. The more delicate female soul is expressed through various elements of modern dance techniques, in contrast to the male emotional world, which is depicted through different elements of hip-hop (Rynia, five times world champion in hip-hop, demonstrates all his acrobatic abilities).

Their elaborate movements together with changing dynamics create diverse atmospheres. The two dancers continue to astound with the amount of innovative dance interpretations that enforce different emotions and illustrate the narrative.

Fifty-five minutes means a long period of time in dance, as it is extremely difficult to keep the performance interesting all the time; the Slovene-Pole duo, however, managed it excellently for the second time now. Tina Šrot, Pogledi 25.01.2012

Tina Šrot / Pogledi / 25.01.2012


Author: Srdjan Mihić


THE MYTH - trailer