The DistANCE

The concept of distance is very familiar to modern society. It could be social and physical distance, or individuals’ distancing on physical, and consequently social, mental and spiritual levels. The modern way of life and the implementation of digital technology decrease between people and render it more meagre and formalised. Modern inventions that improve human life definitely work, but at the same time interfere with the millennia-old ways of life, natural patterns of existence, biological rhythms, and social life of humans and thus threaten the humans’ physical and mental health. Distance, which during the recent COVID era acquired very particular dimensions, further deepened the split between people, alienation, individualism, and individuals’ distance from themselves – all things that were already present in modern society. At the same time, it accelerated the development of the digitalisation of society and artificial intelligence. And it is the latter, recently in explosive expansion, that opens new possibilities for technological advancement of humanity, while at the same time amplifying the most dangerous distance of all – the distance from reality, a reality that humans as social animals need so very badly.

The topical dance production does not distance itself from the burning social issues and uses dance to intervene in the essence of human existence – closeness. The closeness of the body, the fellow human, the co-creator, the world and the planet on which we live. 

The only reality we cannot deny is what we experience in our bodies. - Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia

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The DistANCE / A dance performance

Choreographers and Authors of Visual Image Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia

Dramaturg Ana Kržišnik Blažica

Composer Mateja Starič

Light Designer Matjaž Bajc

Sound Designer Stojan Nemec

Scenography Michal Rynia

Costume Design Nastja Bremec Rynia

Scenic Elements and Props Hana Huseinspahic, Gorazd Prinčič

Dancers Eri Nishibara, Luka Vodopivec, Pietro Di Salvo, Alessio Saccheri, Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia, Marie da Silva, Paula Garcia, Erica Modotti, Rebecca Granzotto, Luca Marchi, Tjaša Bucik, Iva Ilievska 

Production MN Dance Company, GO! 2025 - European Capital of Culture

Co-production Cankarjev dom, SNG Nova Gorica

The project is co-financed by GO! 2025 - European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica - Gorizia, Ministry of Culture R Slovenia and Municipality of Nova Gorica.

Artistic team

Ana Križišnik Blažica

Matjaž Bajc

Stojan Nemec

Gorazd Prinčič

Eri Nishibara

Luka Vodopivec

Pietro Di Salvo

Alessio Saccheri

Marie da Silva

Paula Garcia

Erica Modotti

Rebecca Granzotto

Luca Marchi

Tjaša Bucik

Nastja Bremec Rynia

Michal Rynia

Iva Ilievska

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Author: Urška Boljkovac, Aljoša Kravanja, Drago Videmšek, Klemen Batagelj - Mediaspeed



The only reality we cannot deny is the one that we feel in our bodies.- Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia