MN Dance Company's "Layers" Selected for Prestigious Film Festivals Across the Globe

MN Dance Company's acclaimed production, "Layers," has been selected for esteemed screenings at three notable film festivals worldwide. From the Dance Camera North Film Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to the Manifest Dance-Film Festival in Pondicherry, India, and now the Sans Souci Dance Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado, "Layers" offers a captivating exploration of human connections and the intricate layers of relationships and emotions. Don't miss the chance to experience this visually stunning and thought-provoking film that promises to resonate with audiences across the globe.

The 2024 Dance Camera North film festival screening on June 1 at 7:00 pm at the Center for Performing Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota will feature "Layers," inviting audiences to delve into the multifaceted nature of our daily lives.

Simultaneously, the Manifest Dance-Film Festival, scheduled for July 26-28, 2024, in Pondicherry, India, will showcase the film as part of its international lineup.

"Layers" will be highlighted at the Sans Souci Dance Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado, Premiere at the Museum of Boulder on August 30th, 31st, and September 1st in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Furthermore, it will be included in our community engagement program at the San Marcos Public Library in San Marcos, Texas, USA, with a special event planned for library patrons in September, October, or November 2024.

"Layers" seamlessly integrates scenes from intimate home environments with industrial settings to symbolize the interconnectedness of personal and professional aspects of life. Through visually striking representations, the film offers a thought-provoking exploration of the complexities inherent in human experiences.

MN Dance Company's enchanting film "Layers," directed by Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia, and Fabris Šulin, captivates viewers with its intricate storytelling and poignant depiction of the delicate balance between different facets of our lives.

Supported by the Municipality of Nova Gorica and GO! 2025 Nova Gorica - Gorizia European Capital of Culture, the film promises to leave a lasting impression on audiences at film festivals.

Dance Film Layers by MN Dance Company