Standing ovations for the premiere of Perpetuum Mobile

Perpetuum mobile on the BIG STAGE of SNG Nova Gorica

"We like to create something out of nothing – of merely our bodies."
 Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia
In fact, they did not create something out of nothing, but out of their bodies. Dancers that Nastja and Michal carefully selected at the audition. Only the two of them and Luka Vodopivec are Slovenians. All others are foreigners. Chosen dancers who know what their mission is. Creation through movement, with bodies that exceed the limits of the possible. The performances of Michal and Nastje convince me of this again and again. That the body is that matter which obeys the soul which follows the spirit. Who is eternal, and the soul always knows how to return. Into a new body until he decides there is no going back.
Also through this Perpetuum mobile was clearly expressed, this circulation, this movement. From birth, to death, from rebirth, to death again.
The bodies showed this cycle of life-death-life through movement, through the play of bodies, through sound and the play of light and darkness.
Bodies that have turned from a living face into zombies, skeletons trying in vain to come back to life. And yet they succeed, time and time again. From darkness to light, from thunder to soft music. From breath to breathlessness. From darkness to light.
This light is the love that makes the world go round. And it awakens the already surrendered body, wakes it up and pulls it back into the cycle of coming and going.
"The Perpetuum mobile, a hypothetical machine that moves for an infinite amount of time without being supplied with energy, is a miracle and clearly expresses man's desire to explore the new, even the impossible. Da Vinci, who himself tried to create a perpetuum mobile, very quickly denied the possibility of its creation. Despite his genius, with which he was far ahead of his time, he did not manage to create infinite motion, but he remained a tireless seeker of the new and the transcendent."
He forgot that it is man who can create this infinity of movement. It supplies the energy itself. When he's alive. And it returns again and again to a new body that will create movement again. Again and again. To infinity.
A dance performance that won't leave you indifferent. The sound effects are sometimes endlessly long, repetitive and fading. A grotesque representation of the body disintegrating into primal factors, into parts of the body, which the dancers try to reassemble again and again into a body that will be breathed into with energy that will revive movement. Successful, less successful, unsuccessful.
They succeed, they finally manage to assemble the body. But with one "mistake", the heart moves to the head, and the brain to the place of the heart, to the heart chakra. Very symbolic. For me. I'm afraid most didn't even notice it. Even Gorazd Prinčič, Gogo, props designer, didn't notice it.
This symbolism gave me the most. Present a meaningful tone, a meaningful message. To man, to mankind.
Let the heart make this world go round, not the brain, not the mind.

Heartiness. Sympathy. Freedom.
EPPUR SI MUOVE. And yet it spins. A body powered by the heart. To eternity, to eternal motion.
Well done everyone. Well done dancers. Well done ensemble.

Zarja Trkman



Link to reportage about the performance at ARS RTV SLO https://ars.rtvslo.si/podkast/svet-kulture/64838778/174915785