MN Summer Intensive Program 2023

We are thrilled to share some moments captured during our exhilarating Summer Intensive Program. With participants hailing from the USA, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Slovenia, the international diversity and passion for dance are truly an incredible experience. The past few days have been filled with dedicated training and cultural exchanges. Our 21 talented dancers have immersed themselves in various dance techniques, and creative processes, pushing their boundaries to explore new dimensions in their artistry. The day starts with yoga and bulit up class with Michal and Nastja, following the ballet class with a company's dancer Eri Nishibara. After a lunch break the dancers dive into the floor work and repertoire of MN Dance Company with Michal and Nastja and finishing up the day with a creation of the new performance.   Summer Intensive finishes with a dance performance, created by our srtistic directors and choreographers Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia especially for this occasion at the stunning Amphitheatre Castle Kromberk. The evening was shared with the performance by MN Dancde Company "To the Moon and Back".  



Photos by: Fabris Šulin, Leo Caharija  and Andrea Paulin