"Flights," premiered at the Adriatic Dance Festival in Budva

The MN Dance Company premiered their new performance "Flights" at the Adriatic Dance Festival in Budva. The one-hour contemporary dance performance, based on the book by Olga Tokarczuk, drew attention with its unique choreography and mesmerizing visuals, receiving thunderous applause and ovations from the audience.

Choreographer and dancer Nastja Bremec Rynia, who also performed in the show, shared her thoughts on the challenging yet rewarding experience of working on "Flights" for three months. She mentioned the exploration of migration, freedom, and constant movement through the performance, which resonated with the audience's appreciation for its innovative storytelling.

Michal Rynia, the co-creator of the piece and Nastja's long-time collaborator, highlighted the importance of artistic expression and pushing boundaries in their work. He discussed the inspiration drawn from themes like migration and overcoming mental barriers.

The MN Dance Company's partnership with Adriatic Dance festival Montenegro, and  Budva Travel for the co-produced project was a momentous experience, with the theme of migration sparking creativity and exploration in the choreography. Both artists expressed gratitude for the warm reception and support from the Budva festival organizers.

This year's festival theme of migration inspired the creation of "Flights" and highlighted the company's commitment to cultural exchange and artistic innovation. The artists found the historic setting of Old Town Budva inspiring, adapting their performance for both outdoor and indoor theater settings.

The MN Dance Company believes that summer open-air festivals play a crucial role in advancing contemporary dancet and engaging audiences with cultural experiences. Presenting their projects abroad allows them to share their art with diverse audiences and receive international appreciation for their work. Their hope is for the continued growth and development of contemporary dance across all countries, creating opportunities for dancers and artists to thrive.

MN Dance Company also presented the performance "The Distance" at the festival, and the audience loved it more about it in the next story.

Photos: Gagi Boricic, Slaven Vilus - Budva Travel, Adriatic Dance Festival.